ssl expiration alerts by humans

SSL expirations in numbers

2% of Alexa Top 1M websites suffered from SSL expiration this January. See  full report

~59k sites

were to renew SSL certificates


missed the renewal date

> 830k users

notices SSL errors

Popular myths about SSL expiration

Lightning doesn't strike twice?

Looks like that's not the case with SSL expiration. For many websites that expired in 2020, it's possible to google up mentions of prior SSL expirations from 2014-2019.

Big websites never expire?

They do. Websites with Alexa Rank in 20k...200k range expire equally often. Also, the longest outages happened to enterprise-level websites rather than to smaller ones. ¾ of them  happened over weekends

Expired certificate is easy to notice and fix?

While SSL expirations are easy to notice, refreshing an expired certificate often takes several hours. Almost 50% of the affected websites stay down for more than an hour, ~10% stay down for more than a day (see research).

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